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Tuition and Terms:

When you have paid for and signed up for lessons, you are stating that you acknowledge and accept these terms. Please review them beforehand to make sure you accept them before signing up, as we will always abide by them once you do. 
Business Hours:

My business hours are Wednesday-Friday 2pm-9pm, and Saturdays from 9am-3pm. All available time slots occur during that time, but you must contact me in advance to find out which ones are not scheduled for other students. Any makeup lessons would occur during that time. It is likely most correspondence via call or text will happen during that time, though I try to be as responsive as possible at all times. If you need to contact me for a cancellation, you are free to text at anytime, but I may not respond until the beginning of the next business day.



Lessons are priced at set monthly costs; please see the Lessons page for the costs associated with your chosen lesson schedule. Tuition is due no later than the first of each month. If tuition has not been paid, I will notify you once. If it is still not paid by the first lesson of the month, it is immediately due on-site or the lesson will be canceled and the time slot given up. I accept various payment methods; please ask me directly about your options so we can find the one that works best for you.

Fifth Weeks:

Monthly tuition pays for four lessons per month. When there are 5 weeks in a month (that include your scheduled lesson day), you will be given the option to skip a week, use the extra lesson as a makeup for a missed lesson (see below for more info on makeup lessons), or pay an additional amount to schedule a fifth lesson for that month. Occasionally I may use the fifth week as vacation time, at which point you will be notified at least 30 days in advance.


If you will be going on vacation and need to miss several weeks or an entire month, I need to be notified at least 30 days before tuition for that month is due. For example, if you need to miss two weeks in August for a planned vacation, I would need to know by the first of July. This enables me to plan accordingly. If 30-day notice is not given, I will require the month's full tuition on the first as usual. If you must leave for a month or longer(even if you give notice), the time slot will be forfeited, and we will have to find a different time slot for you when you return if it is no longer available.


If you are sick, please do not come to the studio. I can not risk becoming ill as my voice is my primary instrument and my way of life. If you or your child knowingly bring illness to me, you are keeping me from making a living. It isn't good for your voice to sing while sick anyways!  Please be courteous, and I promise to always do the same. I will exercise the utmost caution in regard to the well-being of my students. On occasion, if the illness is not respiratory, a makeup virtual lesson can be scheduled in place of that lesson provided I am given adequate notice.

Make-up Lessons:

Sometimes life happens and you will have to miss a lesson. I try to be as understanding and helpful as possible whenever I can, within the stated rules below.

My makeup policy is simple!


If a lesson is missed at your fault, you must pay for it. I will not provide makeups for missed lessons outside of extenuating circumstances or illnesses that I have been notified of at least 12 hours in advance, though I wish I could. It simply will not work with my loaded schedule to work around every single last-minute cancellation. If you find you must miss lessons often, talk to me and see if we can get you a time slot that will work better for you. If I do agree to offer you a makeup lesson because you have given me a proper 12-hour notice, you will be placed on a list that I will draw from when a time slot becomes available. Alternatively, we can use the next coming fifth week to make up the lesson, if it is available.

If a lesson is missed at my fault(I am ill, have an emergency, etc.) I must pay for it. This means I will put you at the top of the makeup list and I will schedule you as soon as possible. No refunds will be given for any missed lessons, but I will use my best effort to be sure you are given your lesson as soon as possible. I will give you as much notice as possible if this occurs, as I value your time and effort.

Termination of Lessons or Paused Lessons:

If for some reason you need to end lessons, I will understand and accommodate you as best as I can. I will, however, need 30 days notice. If I do not recieve 30 days notice, tuition will still be charged for the final month regardless if you attend. If you end lessons in the middle of the month, no refunds will be given for coming prepaid lessons. If a student is disrespectful, I will ask them to leave the lesson. If this happens more than once, I will terminate their lessons and no refunds will be given.


Bi-annual recitals occur in the Spring and Fall of each year, in which the most practiced students will be invited to perform. A $10 recital fee will be added to that month's tuition in order to cover venue rental, liability insurance, an audio technician, etc. It is a joy to perform, share what you've learned, and be recognized for your accomplishments. All students under the age of 18 are expected to participate, as much of the repertoire assigned will be prepared as if you are planning to perform it at the next recital.

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