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About Hayley

   Since I was a child, singing has been the bright spot in my life. Looking back, it was the music teachers I had along the way that instilled in me the inspiration and strength necessary to reach my fullest potential. Though I am a teacher, I am still constantly striving to learn and reach that potential in my everyday life. For me, singing is a way of life, and it is a gift I am determined to share with as many students as I can.

    I am fully aware of the vulnerable and personal nature of singing. It is the only instrument that lives in our bodies! It is this awareness, and the patience inherited from my own teachers, that enables me to provide a safe and creative space that can nurture even the most terrified singer's inner power. It never fails to amaze me what I've gotten to watch my students become once they have applied themselves to their practice. Because the voice resides in us, it's hard not to link them directly to our identities. This isn't all bad, however; when positive transformation occurs in the student's voice, so too does it occur in their character. 

    It is with utter joy and gratitude that I get to participate in this wondrous process, as my teachers surely experienced as they taught me. The voice is our heritage, and each of us has the natural ability to create with it. I have done the searching on how to cultivate and maximize this ability so you don't have to. 

    I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from California Polytechnic University of Pomona in Spring 2023 and have taught for several years in Redlands. I have performed with various ensembles and bands, across various genres, and in various venues (ranging all the way from mountain town dive bars to Carnegie Hall back in 2012) It is with this knowledge and devotion that I aim to help my students, young and old, reach their own fullest potential.

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